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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The start of a good weekend.

     The weekend has come and gone, it was a good weekend it was the annual Boy Scout Klondike.  I can't wait to post the pics and update you on that.  Friday I picked up Quinn and we went out to dinner.      It was a while since we went out for fish so we were due!  We went down to the nutcracker and Kay, Quinn and I had dinner.  With the weather still being cold we stayed in and just got ready for bed.  It is still in the teens and Saturday was considered warm with it being about 28 degrees.

     I can't believe how big and independent Quinn is getting, she does so much on her own now and every week I feel I do less and less.  We got Quinn down and I used the snowblower to clean out the driveway.  It really is awesome to just have that machine.  After I got the driveway done I just relaxed because of how big the weekend was going to be.   Having to be up by 7ish I headed in early.

     Quinn and I started to get deeper and deeper in the home work world.  Friday night I looked over her work this weekend.  Were working on more reading, counting and crafts.  I have flash cards for Quinn and every time we get together we count.  Counting is great because it keeps her thinking and you don't need flash cards.

     Well I hope to get the pics up fast of this weekend!

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