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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Don't look for warmer weather unless you get on a plane.

    This week marks the second week of over extremely cold temperature.  With numbers being in the low teens at best it is extremely important to keep warm!  In the mornings the temp reached in the negatives!  Hopefully this will be the last week.

    Now I know I don't have to make tips about staying warm, but since it is so cold you might want to also think about lowering your thermostat.  I know it sounds crazy but honestly if you keep your house warmer it will work harder to stay in the low 70's.  I know you maybe calling me crazy but, if you keep your house in the mid 60's the house won't cool down as fast and thus your heating bill won't be as bad.  The warmer the house is the more it has to work to keep it that way.  I usually keep mine between 65-67.  When it is  65 the low is usually 63.  I usually keep it at this level when its night time and during some hours of the day.  I found at 67 the house would cool faster and the furnace would keep coming on.  Lowering the temperature a few degrees or moving the time frame so its a little colder longer will make a big difference.

    Now I advise you don't keep it to low you freeze!  But for the next few days I altered mine to make up for all the times it has to kick on.  Hopefully this cold front will end shortly and things will get back to normal.  In the mean time keep an eye on your house temp. Also notice how often your furnace is kicking on.  You do have to keep the house somewhat warm so things don't freeze remember!

So keep up with the weather and adjust accordingly. 
PS keep in mind you may have others in the home that may not agree with this or you lowering the heat so be careful!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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