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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The weekend has arrived!

     As I sat watching my little one play her Nintendo Wii, she is doing so well.  Kay and I got her one for Christmas and she is loving it.  I think she loves bowling the most.  It is such a good game for her to play because its fun and she can do the motions.  Quinn watches me play my video games and I let her try but it is hard to work the controller.  She has so much fun now that she can enjoy her game.  Friday started off the weekend great.  We got some dinner and just relaxed in watched some TV and stayed in.
Saturday I made Quinn an egg and turkey wrap and we started off the day.  Oma and Popi watched her  while I ran a few tasks.  They had so much fun with her, that night we made chicken and cheesy potato's.  Then we just relaxed, the weather was nicer out but because it warmed upt it was very wet and muddy outside.  Sunday I took Quinn to church, it's been a while since she's been and we were both excited to go.  She headed down to church school with her friends and I waited upstairs as the service went on.  After church Quinn and I went shopping and got some things to fix the stove, she was so cute and helped me the whole time.

    Quinn worked on some homework this weekend as well, she's working on her reading.  I put down some words for her and she is not starting to read.  I'm very excited maybe someday she'll read my blog!  She got frustrated but we worked on it and by time the weekend was over she ended up doing great and getting many of the words right.

     When we got home I fixed the stove and then cleaned it, I don't want to clean it again for a long time it was not fun...  We hung out and played with her toys and then I cleaned up.  Sundays I try to get the house in order so I can relax the week.  We had lunch and then just cuddled on the couch before we had to go.  I dropped her off and then hugged and kissed her.  The weekend went buy so fast but this weekend was nice because we have been going out a lot and traveling so to just stay in is fine with me...

I hope you enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Breakfast time!

Homework time!

Playtime! She loves the Wii!

My little girl.

Just playing with her toys.

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