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Sunday, August 21, 2016

A weekend to celebrate

     This past weekend was a fun one!  We had Quinn and just had so much to celebrate!  Friday Connor came into town, he is Kayla's youngest brother.  He is also here for the week so thats awesome.  Friday we got dinner and just hung out like we usually do.  Saturday we got up and got the house ready per we were having family over.  I ended up smoking ribs for dinner, I did two racks smoked and two slow oven cooked.  We also cooked some great sides like our potatoes and onions and vegetables.  The ribs took a few hours and usually drains me but they are worth it.

     We had family over to celebrate Kayla's birthday.  We had so much fun and though it was hot we still made it!  After dinner we had some cake and then did some gifts.  The day was great and It was nice to see family.  Quinn had a great day and spent time with everyone as well.  Sunday we got up and did some breakfast then Kayla and Quinn had a bridal shower so Connor and I hung out home.  We relaxed and got some cleaning done before the girls came home!  When they did we all just took the day to enjoy the rain and hang out

     The weekend was so much fun and I hope everyone had a good one as well.  Everyone weekend we have Quinn we have so much fun I can't believe how fast they go.  I do hate how fast they come and go but its ok we have fun while shes here.

     I hop everyone had a great weekend and again, Happy Birthday Kayla!  The weekend was so much fun

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


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