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Friday, August 12, 2016

The Summer pushes on!

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      Hello everyone usually I blog about a summer tip and how things are going.  I talk about how to keep cool and safe while enjoying your summer.  I wanted to post that today and just remind everyone how the summer can be dangerous and what kind of summer this drought doing to it.

     So without making this like a tip because I just did one I wanted to just remind everyone to have fun this summer but also be careful.  Make sure you are using sun block and putting it on regularly.  You may look funny doing this, however sunburns hurt as much as they are dangerous, this is to everyone not just kids.  Since we are destroying our ozone and don't seem to mind at least protect your skin and your children who have very gentile skin.  It only takes a few moments and most rubs in with no issue or oily feeling.  Getting sun is important we all need vitamin D, however we don't need the skin cancer that can come with all that exposure!

     When it comes to this hot weather and drought we have been having I would say just try to conserve on water usage!  You don't have to water things you don't necessary need.  I feel bad my lawn looks brown and is painful to walk on and look at but it will come back.   Water items that produce foods and plants that are potted or flowers as such they will die easier.

     Just a short while ago I heard on the radio that we actually moved up on our drought so if we dont have to use the water try not to.  Our area is about 6 inches of water that we are short.  I honestly can say this is the hottest and scariest summer I have seen.  If you don't have air conditioning then look into getting window units for your bedrooms at least.  We have one in ours and Quinn's.  It would be a mess if we didn't our upstairs gets so hot I may just start cooking up there, I wont even need the grill, just the food and a pan!

     Either way try to keep your home as cool as you can for yourself, kids and pets.  Summer is dangerous because it is hard to escape the heat.  At least in the winter you can cuddle up and have some layers!  Walking around in the summer naked and complaining isn't going to get you anywhere!

     So with this quick post I want to say I hope everyone has a great summer and is having one!  We don't have Quinn this weekend but I have a fun fun things to post about so I will share those Sunday!

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