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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Cat Lives Matter

     Today is National Black Cat Day!  Yes really its a day...  I know we have days for everything it seems but I am excited to have heard this because I do own a black cat.  You may know by now.  Eve aka pork chop has been with me for many years now.  I got her at Lollypop Farm I was very excited to get her and I always wanted a Black Cat.  I have an October Birthday so I need a Halloween Cat!

     As she grew up we bonded and when I moved to my new home she came with me.  We have been through a lot and when I was alone and Quinn was not with me per her Mom and I shared her Eve was there.  When I first moved in it was scary.  A new home, all alone.  She was nervous as well but we got used to it and she was there...  We have been through a lot but she never left.  We had a few scares when she got sick but I got her fixed up and here we are agin still.

     She is so good with Quinn and just an all around good Cat.  Older now she rest most of the day and just lays with us at night.  I know Black Cats don't get adopted as much as others but I always loved them.  The Fall season is amazing and just having a Halloween Cat completes it.  She has been good to me over the years so today I say to her and all the other Black Cats.

Happy National Black Cat Day!

Must be nice to be a Cat...

She loves a good Picture...

     I do hope everyone who likes cats does take one in, they make good pets and I do pray for Cats and all animals for those who don't take care of them or abuse them.  Sometimes Black Cats are protected during the October month per people hurt them per the season and they are black, its terrible and for a while places would hold black cats till October was over.  She is a good cat, thats all that matters....

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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