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Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Kayla!

     I wanted to wish my beautiful bride a happy birthday!  This past weekend we just hung out, the past several months we have just been so busy we took this weekend to relax and just have time for our selves.  I always tell everyone they need a weekend here and there to just do nothing.  Sleep in, catch up on rest.  Just take time for yourself.

     Friday we hung out with some friends and had some dinner, nothing big but a great start for a restful weekend.  Saturday we slept in, which was much needed.  The past couple weeks I feel we were running on borrowed time.  Also since it has been so hot sleeping with the A/C isn't as restful as having the windows open and getting the nice fresh air.  We did a few things mid day and then headed to the movies.  We had an afternoon showing to just have fun, a day out.  We ended up seeing Suicide Squad which was pretty good.  I liked it and think they did a good job on the plot and ending...  I'll let you watch and decide.  That night I cooked up some dinner for Kayla and I and we just relaxed that night.

     Sunday we got some cleaning done in our garage and then spend the day just getting things done around the house.   Then just rested for the week to come.  Throughout the week we have been watching the Olympics, it really has been a good year  I think a lot of people were nervous how things would go but we have been enjoying them so far!  So that leads us to today!  It is Kayla's birthday and I wanted to wish her a very happy birthday!  She has done and does so much for us I hope you have a great day off today!  She took off from work today to relax and just enjoy it.  I took off my second job to spend the evening with her.  Not working two jobs is pretty nice I will admit!

     Tonight we plan on cooking dinner and just relaxing.  I gave her a nice card and one of her gifts this morning and tonight will have more for her! :)  She doesn't know it yet...  I wanted to just wish you a very happy birthday Kayla because everyone has this day to share and I always feel its so special.  A day to celebrate you coming into the world!  Your day and one where people send nice wishes and give thanks you are here!  I think it is just such a special day and with only one a year I think everyone should have this special day to enjoy!

     I hoe you are having a great day today and I will see you home tonight!

I love you so much,

Always Remember,
You are never alone...  Especially on your birthday.  


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