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Monday, September 10, 2012

Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

     Okay well I know I'm a little late but I wanted to give you an update.  I was excited because I picked up Quinn at 9 and had her till the afternoon until I had to work.  We went back to the house and just relaxed watched some TV and had some breakfast.  Later we headed off to my parents for some lunch. My Aunt, and brother came also, we had so much fun just enjoying the day.  Quinn loves seeing my parents gardens and picking vegetables.  We had some great food and Quinn ate very well!

     We all just got to play and enjoy her and then it was off to work.  It was nice that her mom and I are working together and sharing her.  She txted me and wanted to know if I wanted her later!  I was sad to say i couldn't because work was short staff and I had to go in but it was really cool of her to txt me that.  Quinn had such a good time and having her an extra day was awesome too!

     I hope everyone had a great day!  Enjoy the pics!

Cooking up some great food!

Here we are all!

Dancing time!

She got everyone involved!

Just relaxing.

She tied to get Uncle Ken to dance!

She got him to come out!

Oma and Quinn

Here she is with Popi!

     The day was so much fun and just having her an extra day was that much better!  Well its time to start the fall season!  I can't wait, the cooler weather,  new fun things to do. 



  1. Glad you are still blogging......enjoying the memories. Love, Aunt Ro

  2. Thanks Aunt Ro. Not every time can one rotten apple ruin the bunch... I'll never stop I don't care if no body follows...