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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Weekend Update

     The past weekend came and went so fast!  I just can't believe it.  Friday we went to church and picked up some BBQ Chicken.  It was the last Chicken BBQ for the year they were doing so we got a few and went home to meet Hughey!  After dinner we relaxed on the couch and finished a movie we started  earlier last time.  Hotel for dogs, it was cute.  The next day Quinn and I went over to see my parents and say hello.  That night after dinner we just laid low.  It was still pretty warm and I could tell she was tired.  Hughey came over again to hang out but we just relaxed.

     Sunday we got up and well, we were ready to go to church, but she couldn't make up her mind and I tried to get her to go but she got a little temper-mental.  Well we got over it but it was to late, I told her next time we are going to go and see Vicki.  (My minister is a big follower).  The rest of the day we just relaxed.  We played some games did some puzzles and just stayed in.  I love watching Quinn play in the family room, she pulled out all her toys and we made a tea party.  I got some cleaning done as she played with her stuffed animals.

     It is so amazing how fast they grow up and how they just can keep occupied, their imagination is just so wonderful to view.  I love to peek in and just see her talking to her animals and getting this setup.  She is just so remarkable.  We stopped after and made some brownie cupcakes!  It was so fun and Quinn helped me.  She loves sitting up on the counter and just being my helper.  Getting the bowls and different things ready to bake.  When we were done we ate them up and the were so good!

   I have a few blogs ready to post but waiting to get some pics in!  I do hope you enjoy these ones!

Just chilling with Hughey


Here they are!

We played with our toys!

Just goofing around

Sunday dinner

     The weekend came and went, it's still tough being a single dad still as i write this blog on Wednesday I know I won't see her for a full week and although it has been about two years sometimes you just never fully adapt.  As I drive her to daycare tomorrow I will try to think about our great weekend and the past Wednesday we have shared.  I look for the weekend ahead and just try to keep moving...

Always remember...
You are never alone..

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