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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Don't Waste Time


      I was sitting at work one day looking back at my life and this post just started flooding my mind.   Maybe because I was reminiscing about past loves, or “the good old days”.  I turn 31 next month and I just can’t believe it sometimes.  I feel like I just turned 24.  I look back at my life and feel there are many parts that are wonderful, I try to embrace it and live in the moment but I wanted to take a second to reflect and then give some tips. 

            I don’t know if I can say what years of a person’s life are his best.  I think they all are different and unique.  I would how ever say a persons low to mid, to even later twenty’s are one of the best.  The 20’s are the years you grow, have fun, work, go to school and just live off you’re parents.  I would wake up and go to class, then come home and do some homework or go to work a little.  I always keep my school work up so I could go out!  Without going too much into my college years for I don’t want to loose my readers to an overly long post!  After college I took my first job and was partly seeing someone I cared about and cared about me.  I then started seeing someone else who I would eventually propose to in about 6months.  We wed and about a year later and a few different jobs we had a baby.  Then a short year or so later it was over.  I literally lived a life, got married had a baby and then got divorced in the matter of about 4-5 yrs.  The thing is those were clutch years.  I was about 24 when I dated and proposed, and 25 when I was married, always wanting to be young when I did I didn’t think to much about my last few years and just jumped into life.  Now I have the most amazing little girl but I sit her now at 30 and I’m living my life and working and trying to be a single dad but because I’m just a romantic at heart I feel broken, my trust is gone and I feel people I dated who were really good to me I lost. 

            Now I believe in going forward I do, but the meaning of this post isn’t to complain or go back and say “woulda, coulda, shoulda”.  It’s to say to any reader know where you are and embrace that time.  If you are young please embrace your youth, have fun you have your whole life to work and have a family.  I’m not saying never or just be 21 for ever, but once you hit 30 you look back and can’t believe how fast your 20’s went.  You can’t go to clubs and bar’s and stay out like you used to, flirting with girls that young.  Well I guess you can there comes a time to face your age.  I don’t I would be able to stay up!  I think after a movie with Hughey on Saturday nights I’m ready for bed by 11:00.   I grew up in my 20’s taking lots of pictures and I urge you all to do this, keep books of dates and adventures you go on and have.  I know you can start over at anytime in your life and there are no rules.  Being only 30 I’m sure there are people out there that are telling me I am still very young. LOL But the past 6 years of my life have been extremely different from when I started this around 24.  Now I work two jobs and have my daughter on the off days.  I ask for borrowed time and energy when I get out so I can make time for family and friends.  I plan a lot of things around work, and well honestly am not sure if there is a future at all for love or a family. 

            Would I like to go back and live a few days back in the past with no worries?  Of course I would.  There are a few times in my early 20’s I would love to take back and just live again.  We can’t how ever, our memories now live with us as the past and when friends get together we laugh over stories and things we did and how we are still even alive…  When my friends get together on special occasions we all joke about the same few lines but it still does help, keeps the youth in you alive.   Face it, we grow up and we move one.  We get married and go to work, our knees start to hurt and we find our selves tired by 10:30.  We look back at pictures and part of us laughs for the fun we had, and part of us cries for the time we lost.  Life is a gift and although I explained I may never remarry I still say this, live your live to the best you can.  Wake up and know that others may not be as fortunate as you and what you have you can’t waist.  You can’t take it for granted.  Your time is too precious, I know I don’t have too many readers in their 20’s but for some reason if someone young were to pass by this post I would tell them to enjoy their youth!  Work, go to school and just live, remember the days you have and have as many adventures as you possible can for those adventures will eventually turn into stories, and those stories will turn into memories and as time goes on memories fade…

            So live you’re 20's!  If you are already past them then look back and remember them.  Think about an old time that makes you smile, pick up the phone and get some of your old friends together.  Memories can’t die if you keep them alive. Get together and share some old stories you have and remember.  I even love hearing stories from other people like my parents and friends.  When my family tells me stories of old I like to image them as they tell them, feel what the story would feel like, see, experience it as they tell it and laugh like they laughed.  I tell you now go and have an amazing day, think about at least one good memory, one good adventure and fun time you had.  It may make you smile, it may bring a tear to you’re eye.  It will however make you stop and sit and remember your days…

            Don’t waste your time, use it…

Always remember…
You are never alone…



  1. Wow, you got me thinking....what is the best time of life? I would say each age has it's plus and minus. I have enjoyed each phase of life but my favorite time is now. I think that would have been my answer to each age.

    The plus of this age is a word called retirement. But then I do miss the people I worked with and called friends. The new adventures and freedom are a great trade off.

    Look to each day to be your best......and you will not be disappointed.

    Love you bushels, Aunt Ro

  2. Aunt Ro,

    Im glad this made you stop and think, I hope it did for others as well. I think the best answer is the time you are in now as well. I think every moment is very special and different. I'm glad you liked this post!