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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Strife Is Over...

      Happy Easter!!  Friday came and I went to church, Good Friday is one of my favorite services.  There is something so powerful about the alter.  Looking at it with just black cloths, the large cross that has a cloth dropped on it.  The church is quiet, the alter bare.  Vicki was in a black robe and the scene was quiet and still.  When you look at the alter all year dressed and then take one night to see it in black gives you goosebumps.  The power of an alter...  

     Sunday came and I picked up Quinn from her Mom's and headed to church.  It was nice we said hello to Vicki and some other friends and went in and sat down with the family.  The service was very nice and Vicki gave a great homily.  She always does, the church was packed and after the service ended Quinn and I had our cookie and juice.  We then headed outside for the Easter Egg Hunt!  Every year the church puts on a hunt and the kids have such a wonderful time.  They go out and get Easter eggs and just have so much fun.  Quinn loves it and she did so well, she must have found 20!  We left and came back home where Quinn looked for her own basket!  She found it and was so excited, the Easter bunny left some great things like treats and even some cute movies.    We hung out at the house for a little and just had some Daddy/Daughter time and then headed over to my parents.  

     My Mom made a nice dinner, ham, rolls, and some great sides!  We all ate and just had some time to joke and talk.  After we had dessert and Quinn got to look for her basket at my rents house!  We had a lot of fun.  After we just relaxed and Quinn ended up dozing on my lap as I held her.  It was sweet, we then left and I brought her to her Mom's house.  Tomorrow Quinn and her Mom go to Florida, she is so excited so when I dropped her off I gave her extra hugs and kisses.  The come back last next weekend so I won't see her till a week from this Wednesday.  

     All and all the holiday was great and we had such a nice time.  Easter always brings a fresh breath of air.  Spring is here, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting nicer.  Holy week for me means so much now that I am older.  I remember when I was younger it meant going to church for a full week, but now it is deeper.  Now that Easter is over the spring is here it's time to get outside.

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone.

Time to find some Eggs!

Looking for my basket!

Oma and Popi!

Here it is!

Here we are at lunch.

Just hanging out with Uncle Kenny

Looking for another Easter Basket!

Lost of hidden treasures!

Just hanging out.

Playing with Uncle Kenny and Oma.

Just hanging with my Dad...

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