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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Not as late weekend update...

     Okay so a few weeks ago Quinn had another birthday party!  She has a lot of friends! A friend from school Kassie had her birthday party a few Saturday's ago.  That Friday we just kept it low key, we had dinner in Quinn and I and just watched some TV.  I knew the next day was going to be busy so we got our rest.  The next day we got up and went to the party.  It was so much fun, the kids started off by just playing with some toys and getting settled.  Then we had some pizza for lunch!  After we opened up some presents and then had some cake!  The food was great and Kassie's parents did a wonderful job of hosting.  The kids played ring toss, pin the tale on the donkey and just ran around like kids should.  We played till late into the afternoon then we said our goodbye's and went home.

     Aunt Ro came over that night because she hasn't seen Quinn since her trip to Florida!  She was excited.  We had some dinner and then just hung out and watched some TV.  It was still cold out and we spend the day playing so we took it easy that night.   The next day we took it easy and just spend the day together.  I admit we were in PJ's for most of the morning, but hey we had a busy weekend!  Quinn and I played with our toy guns that day and just ran around like kids!  I gave Quinn a bath and cleaned her up to get ready to go back to her mom's I have to remind my self to get her a new brush.  I need one with rubber tips.  She has my and her moms hair so its blond but think to.  Being a guy I will say I'm trying!  We had some dinner than headed back to her moms house.

    I said my goodbye's as I dropped her off and gave her a big hug.  We had a great weekend and as our time moves forward I'm grateful how strong our relationship is growing.  Even in the darkness of being alone there is light, and it's name is Quinn....

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here we are!

Yum, Lunch time..

Pin the tale on the donkey.

Opening some party favors!

Gifts time!

More gifts!

Time for Cake!

Hanging out with some friends.

Aunt Ro came over!

Cute pic of them.

Lots of laughs.

Sunday morning we pull out all the toys!

She even gave me a quick cute picture...

Look out she packin!

"Locked and loaded"

Playing with our Angry Birds game!

She loves Angry Birds!

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