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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Alyese's Birthday!

     Our friend Courtney planned a party for her daughter Alyese.  We were so excited to go, it was at the Jump Club in Henrietta, and it was in March so yes I'm behind on post...Alyese is just a little younger than Quinn and they have hung out a few times now.  The night before we had dinner and just took it easy, I didn't want to get Quinn to excited that she didn't sleep!  We got up and had breakfast, just hung around the house and then headed over!  Now earlier that week Hughey and I went shopping for her gift.  We got her some Nerf, guns, and a doll.  Before we got there we took some pics with our new toys!  
     The jump club was great!  Quinn opened up and just did her thing.  She had such a great time and the other kids loved playing with her.  We then had lunch and some cake!  After cake we watched the birthday girl open up her gifts.  The staff was so wonderful, the had a magic show and played with them.  After we went and used our tokens to play some of the games they had there. After we went home and had some dinner and just relaxed.  We were tired!  Its so nice to start going to kids parties with Quinn, being a parent for the first time this is all still new to me.  I think I'm getting the hang of it.  The past month my post have been light, just because of how busy we have been and with spring coming up i've been trying to work out more and get in shape.  Not that I'm gonna be in any calenders but its good to be healthy.  Since this post Quinn and I have had some great Nerf games!  She is so cute and just loves to run around with her little pistol.  

     I hope you enjoy the pics!  

Always remember...
You are never alone.
Hughey with his shotgun and Quin with her side arm!

Stick em' up!

Here we are!

She was jumping down the slide and Vinny couldn't believe it!

Wow it's so big!

My little cutie!

Down she goes!

Just playing around.

Lunch time.

Quinn, Hughey and Alyese and me!

She loved her gifts!

     It was a great day, and spending it with my munch was just the best thing of all.  I just love our time.

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