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Friday, April 19, 2013

We took a day off

     The other day Quinn's Mom called because Quinn was running a fever and she needed me to take Thursday off to watch her.  I was sad she wasn't feeling well but was excited to have a day with her!  I stopped over Wednesday after work to visit her and see how she was feeling.  She was just waking up and was little tired still.  She really wasn't in the mood for company and asked when I was leaving, but I didn't take offense she was tired her mom and I caught up on some things for school with Quinn and then I said my good bye's.  The next day Quinn's Mom dropped her off at my house because it was on my way to work.  She was a little shy at first but she warmed up and we were back on track.  

     I started of morning off with some egg and sausage wraps.  Then we just took the day to relax and watch some TV and movies.  Around lunch time she was her normal self but usually that doesn't mean the child is well.  I had a feeling she was better, we did step outside for just a little.  We went to the park and just got some nice fresh air.  It was such a long winter we needed the break!  We went on the swing and down the slide a little then headed home.  Later that day I put her down for a nap and then her mom came to pick her up.  The day was great and just having that extra time with Quinn was so much fun.  It was one of the best vacation days I've used in a long time.  

     I did want to say I was nervous about stopping over Wednesday.  It's been a long time since I've been in the old house.  I usually just pick her up an drop her off but it was nice she invited me in.  I went inside and sat down on the couch where Quinn was sleeping.  She woke up and while I was there like I mentioned we just talked.  After not being in the house for so long a lot of things ran through my mind.  I was trying to listen to her Mom but couldn't help and see some of the new things she did to the house.  It was funny because she even caught me looking around.  I just told her the house looked nice and some of the things she did.  The past few years have been difficult and just took time to adjust.  I never thought I would even go in her house again but over time we worked together and it was nice.

     When Quinn was dropped off Thursday morning I have to say it was also different to have her Mom in my house.  A lot of new things happening in just two days.  The morning wasn't to much Quinn just took a little time to get adjusted.  When the afternoon came Quinn was sleeping in my bed and her Mom arrived.  She came in and we just talked a little before we both went upstairs to see Quinn.  I was excited to show her the house, I wanted her to know things were good and Quinn was in a safe and clean home.  The upstairs hallway is also full of pictures she drew and some of her artwork and I'm proud to show anyone that.  She went in and Quinn started to wake up, she was a little cranky but it's hard to wake up and just get moving.  We took some time to just hang out and let Quinn wake up on her own.  We all went down stairs and I hugged her and kissed her goodbye as she was in the car.  

     It was wired being on the other side, seeing how I always do the dropping off and picking up.  I just wanted to let all my single parents know that there may come a time when you have to go back to an old house or apt and see all the memories you had.  It maybe hard, it maybe difficult, but just remember you always move forward.  I think today went great and I think we made some good progress.  I know Quinns Mom and I are not going out and catching up but maybe someday we will.  At least we made some progress.  I don't think I even saw her that long of a period in a long time.  Always remember your ex was once your love and to treat them with respect and always, always know the good of the child comes first.  If you are not getting along please do so for the child or when the are around.  Quinn's mom and I are doing well and thing's are good.  We made some progress on the parent front and things just take time.  

Just always remember....
You are never alone.

Here she is just relaxing!

We played some video games.

Time to get some fresh air!

Here we are.

A few more games, hey its our sick day...

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