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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Weekend update!

     The past weekend was extra special because I got out of work early and got to pick up Quinn from daycare!  I haven't picked her up this year yet so I was so excited!  It was nice because not only did I get to get her it also was a good that her Mom and I are working to make things the best for her.  So I walked in and suprised her.  As she ran up yelling "Daddy"! She gave me the biggest hug.  It was so nice she hugged me so tight I just didn't wanna let go.  As we walked out with her we got in the Jeep and started our big weekend!  That night we went out to dinner and had a fish fry, we just had some time to go out and relax.  We got up on saturday and I made us Egg, Sausage and Bacon wraps!  After breakfast we headed to the Sandbox!  We have been going there for a while now and my awesome brother gave us some passes.  Quinn and I met our good friend Vinny, his girlfriend Courtney and her Daughter Alyese.  We just went to her birthday party not to long ago.

     I can't believe I forgot my camera! Well we did have a great time, the girls get alone so well and I got to catch up with Vinny and Courtney.  After our play date I got Quinn home and down for a short nap as we got ready for the rest of the weekend.  That night we just took it easy because the next day we had an adventure to go on! Sunday we got up and headed out to visit family.  We went out to visit Susan and some of my cousins.  Quinn, my self and Aunt Ro all packed up and went.  We made lunch and headed out.  It was good to see family that Quinn has not met yet, we still have some family down south to meet and I can't wait for Quinn to get older and make the big trip but for now, we took a day drive...

     We had lunch and just played around, we even took a walk outside and just saw the country side!  We just took some time to run around and enjoy or Sunday afternoon.  We left after lunch and got home for a bath and some TV.  We headed back to Mom's and ended the weekend.  In the end the weekend was so nice.  Quinn and I had some time to relax and bond.

Quinn playing with her friends!

Here we are leaving! I snuck a pic.

Just hanging out...

Finally got some pics of us!

Aunt Ro, Alyssa and Quinn

Lunch with the family!

Just talking a walk.

Susie and I.

     It's always good to see family you don't get to see much, I want to make sure Quinn see's family on both sides.  It's important to know where you come from and that your family gets to see your little ones.  

Always remember,
You are never alone...

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