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Monday, June 10, 2013

A new week begins

     As the new week begins I am full of excitement, Fathers day weekend is approaching the weather is getting warmer and summer is right around the bend...  The weekends have been busy and this week will go by fast.  Quinn will be with me this weekend and its fathers day weekend!  I can't wait, I'm excited to just hang out and catch up.  Watch a little TV, go to the park, take a walk just chill father and daughter...

     I think about all the fathers over sea's fighting for us that can't see their kids and my heart goes out to them.  As fathers day approaches remember what your little ones do to bring joy to your life, yes they are expensive. (ask my poor dad)  In the end how ever a hug is priceless, and when your child say's they love you it just adds to that.  I kept busy this week and weekend by cleaning and getting ready for Quinn.  My parents came over and helped me weed the front walk and get some cleaning up done.  I have to get the bushes cut and mow the lawn again but thats about it.  Ohh i have some plants to move around too..  Don't let me forget!  The beginning of the week will be busy, I have a tip to put together and some pics to post. Then we have our adventure to go on.  This fathers day Quinn has her dance recital!  It's her second one!!!  I am very excited and will give you the full report...

     Friday Hughey and my Aunt and I went tot he East Rochester Italian Festival.  I didn't bring my camera but it was very rainy.  We had a lot of fun, the food was great, the entertainment was amazing!  Our cousin Tina played, her band is called Me and the boys.  Her husband is in it as well and they are so talented!  It was just over all a great night to be Italian!

     Well I know my blogs have been distant so I plan to work on that!  I also still have yet to update my site! I know.. I have to get to my IT guy.  This year is almost half over, really??? Really? Can you believe it?  Honestly I feel it was just new years!!!

Well I look forward to posting more and updating this site!!!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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