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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Weekend Update!

     This past weekend was great I picked up Quinn and we headed out to dinner.  We had our Fish Fry that Quinn waits so patiently for and after just took it easy  We didn't have any plans after so we just took it easy.  Saturday we got up and stayed in most of the early afternoon.  It was very hot out and with Quinn being so young I didn't want to get her to much exposure.  I asked her as well and she was happy staying safe inside.  Later that night I had a dinner to go to and my Aunt got to watch her, it was good she hasn't seen Quinn in a while and the dinner was for a very dear friend at church, she retired this year.

    Sunday I will admit we slept in a little and just hung out.  I did a lot of cleaning and Quinn helped as well as just watched a cute movie.  The day was a lot cooler and that made things so much better.  Sundays I usually also try to just relax with her and get ready for the week.  We played with our toys, got a little nap in and just hug out.  Later we took a drive to the park and played around.  We had so much fun and Quinn had fun the sun was lower so it wasn't as hot and with sun screen on it was a perfect evening.

     The weekend was really nice, I took a few photos that I will post later but sometimes weekends even in the summer don't have to be fully filled with things to do.  Remember when your child is little they need lots of rest and they shouldn't be in the sun to long.  We have a lot of time for adventures and so remember not to tire your little one out early.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I look forward to getting some more post out there!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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