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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Hang it all up!

                 Not very long ago Quinn came in my room as I was waking up and brought me some pictures she colored.  I was so happy because she did it just for me.  She then colored me two more!  She colored 3 all together and I will be hanging them up soon.  My hallway is filled with her artwork and every time we go upstairs we get to admire her work.  Hanging up our kids work shows them we love what they make us, even if it’s the simplest of pieces.  Flooding my home with her work lets her know whatever she makes I will put on display for everyone to see.   Some of her bigger crafts I leave out for a few months then put away.  Quinn loves when we hang her artwork; she helps me pick the spot where I hang it.  I have some smaller things on the fridge and we have pictures all over the house but that one area is just dedicated to her work. 

                Now there are things we don’t get up on the wall but then again there is only so much room.  Also as she grows I take things down and replace them with new items.  I love walking down my hall and just seeing the cute things she has made, some from different seasons or times of her childhood.  We always want our children to know how special and important they are.  As she gets older I can’t wait to hang up more and more of her projects.  If your child feels special about what they make you, they are more likely to be creative and make more things for you.  Quinn now loves making me drawings and surprising me with them in the morning.  She gets so excited and even lets me pick out the drawings I like, and then she colors them for me.   

                As time goes on I am excited to see what comes our way and what I get to display for my family and friends.  So remember take the time to hang things up and show off your child’s work!

Always remember,
You are never alone…

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