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Monday, June 24, 2013

My Little Dancers!

     I wanted to wish all the Dad's out there a happy Fathers day one more time!  Last weekend We had a great weekend Quinn and I.  We hung out with my parents on Friday and then Saturday my aunt stopped over, one of her friends had an old bike and she was so kind to give it to my Aunt to give to Quinn!  She is now on a two wheeler!  We rode all the way to the park, which was great, but then we had to ride back!  She had such a good time though.  That night we hung out and just relaxed.  Sunday Quinn and I took the day to just hang out, we made breakfast and got ready for the dance recital she had!  We went over to Courtney and Vinny's place.  Courtney helped me with her hair and makeup.

     Later that day we just took it easy and relaxed before lunch.  Later that day we headed to my parents and had lunch.  My Aunt, brother, and Hughey was over!  We had lunch and got ready for the big dance!  At the show my little one was so amazing, she was just brilliant.   It was very nice and both families were there to support her.  She danced and danced, I sat and watched and saw my little one just  growing up before my eyes.  I was so proud that day, after the show we hugged and kissed and then I saw her go home.  I went back to my rents house to just spend some time with them and my brother and Hughey.  The weekend was just amazing and I can't wait to show you my little dancer!

Enjoy the pics,

And always remember,
You are never alone...


Hanging out with Courtney and Vinny!

Just messing around...

Quinns new bike!

Look at her go!

Here we are at the park!

We got there and she needed a break from Biking!

Getting ready for the big dance!

She's so cute!

Here we are at dinner!

My little girl...

She's just fixing Dads tie.

Here we are with Popi

Here we are!

My rents, uncle ken and I with Quinn.

Aunt Ro, Hughey got in the pics too!


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