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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesdays Tip: Beat the Heat!

                As summer progresses I hope everyone stays cool!  I have poste tips about the sun and protecting your body but I wanted to take the time to post about keeping cool on those summer days and nights.  If you don’t have A/C in the house put in window fans and use them at night when it cools down.  Bringing in cool air at night will help you sleep better and keep the room as cool as it can before it heats up tomorrow.  I live in a cape, so the upstairs can get very hot fast.  Keeping windows open and light sheets on your bed will also help.  Sometimes during the day when the house heats up its cooler outside because of the breeze that maybe going on. 
                When it comes to heat unless you live down south just know it usually passes.  A few days and it is usually over.  The first day is the worst because your body has to adapt to the hot weather.   After a day or so you will adjust.  Drink a lot of cool water and for your little ones, make sure they are hydrated and their rooms are cool for sleeping.  Enjoy the sun but make sure you spend time in the shade and inside because it is dangerous outside all day.  Sometimes we don’t know when we’re dehydrated until it’s too late so always drink lots of water.  Since winter is over we are very excited to be outside again but remember it’s been a while so don’t overdo it.  You can get over heated and sunburned faster than you think.  Take advantage of the cool nights and bring your home temperature down.   Make sure there is plenty of circulation and if you have a finished basement, it makes a good area to relax in. 
                Enjoy the summer as it comes into full swing!  Be safe and be happy…

Always remember,
You are never alone…

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