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Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

     I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fathers Day!  This weekend I had Quinn and I can't wait to upload pics as well as go over what we did.  I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy day.  To all the fathers out there.  You help your kids grow and guide them, fathers do so much and ask for so little.      I can't wait to upload the pics of this weekend and share my fathers day with you all.  I have to get the pics loaded!

     I wanted to take the time to tell everyone how special my dad is.  He has been such a big part of my life and has always been there for me.  Growing up he was always there for my brother an I my father took us camping and took me to different events as I grew up to see what different paths I would enjoy.  My father never raised his voice to us, but there was one or two times I got him upset and boy I never did that again... lol  He has such a kind heart and when I moved into my new home he was here helping me fix all different kinds of problems that came around.  He never complained or gave me a hard time.  He just was there for me with out question.  My dad's so good to his family, he and my mom have been married for, well i should know this but its over 37 years?  Well he loves her so much and his family.  He taught me the value of the dollar and how important it is to earn it.  He also played referee when my mom and i argued... lol  He is still involved in scouting and volunteers all over from helping with Church and the community.  He's one of my hero's and I always try to make him proud.  I know I do though.

     Being a father takes isn't easy, there are good times and hard ones.  You need to be patient with your children and just  take your time as they grow.  When I have Quinn I think about what my dad would do and look back at how he handled me.  It helps a lot because he did such a good job.  So I hope all the dad's out there got to put their feet up and even watch some golf.  Or do what ever it is they like, because today was their day!

     I love you Dad....
This ones for you...

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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