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Friday, December 20, 2013

Aunt Ro and the Gang!

     Sorry this is late my readers!  It has been a busy week, getting ready for the holidays and work being busy.  Last weekend was Aunt Ro and the Gang's (formally Grandma and the Gang), night out.  I have been going to dinner with my brother, aunt and well grandma before she passed since we were little.  We would go to dinner and then drive around to see lights, then sleep over.  Over time we stopped sleeping over because we got older but we always went to dinner and had fun!  This year my aunt took us to the Garden Factory!

     We had so much fun, there were vendors and all different kinds of things to do and see.  We got to my aunts house and all left to go.  When we got there we walked around and just took in all the sights, it was bring your animal to show day.  People brought dogs, and all different kinds of pets!  We saw all kinds of animals.  There were rides for Quinn as well as food and even a light show!  We walked around and just took in all the holiday spirit.  Quinn loved looked at all the animals and vendors she was so excited!  We spent a few hours there and before we left we saw the light show!  A big light production to music.  It was really fun and Quinn loved it.  It was good also just hanging out with my brother, I haven't seen him in a while and Quinn just loves spending time with him.

     After we went to agatinas for dinner.  A nice small Italian place that has very good food.  We ate and talked and just had a good time.  Quinn loved her dinner and we just enjoyed her company.  After we went to my Aunts for some pie and ice cream!  Quinn helped serve and just was silly.  She was so excited it was so funny to see how much energy she had.  The day was just so much fun and even though we don't spend the night we still had so much fun.  My Aunt brought up all the old times of us running around at night trying to sleep and we laughed.  I always look forward to this night because it brings me back to when we were kids and did it.  Makes me remember my Grandmother and how much fun we had.

     I know all of you have a memory like this and I hope this post makes you remember it to.  Thanks again Aunt Ro for a wonderful day!

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone.


Here we are!

Look how big it was!  I don't know who that guy is, he wasn't with us!

We lost the chips, I posted this b/c my brother laughed cause I took it.

Just walking around.

Quinn and her big prize!

She is just so cute!

Going down the slide!
I told Quinn this is the dog I would get her. haha.

Quinn and Aunt Ro

Here we are!
Here we are at dinner!

Time for dessert

There's my daughter.

Just me taking pictures of Quinn.

Quinn loves her Uncle!

More goofing off.

Trying to keep her under control.

Ken and I.
Kayla and I.

Aunt Ro, Kayla and Quinn.

Kayla and Quinn.

Winding down the night.

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