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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sometimes it takes a few days to let things sink in.

     This past weekend Paul Walker tragically passed away in a car accident in California.  Paul had many great movies but the The Fast & The Furious franchise was what people knew him for most.  Paul was in the middle of filming the 7th movie.  Paul leaves behind many family and friends and his beloved daughter Meadow.  After his death lots of articles and stories came out about how amazing he was.  How he started an amazing charity to help reach out worldwide and help with disaster-relief.  There was also a story about how he helped buy a couples engagement ring and never let them know it till it was later leaked.  As I looked over the articles over the week and watched some of the news it was sad to see how much he loved life.  I loved the Fast & Furious movies and I also loved some of his other movies but I learned from watching interviews from his co-stars how just amazing he was.  I didn't realize till just now that they wanted to make up to 9 or 10 movies.  Paul worked hard and gave everything.  Many directors said he gave it everything when he came to work.  Brought a brightness to work and was just overall easy to be around...  

     Why I always admired him was because he didn't flaunt his fame or was in the media because of drugs or getting in trouble.  He was humble and just overall kind.  I know I never met him but I honestly would have loved to.  When I heard the news of his death I was in complete shock.  The next few day's I just though about how he was so young and that I couldn't believe it happened.  Everyday there was a new story or article just about how he tried to help others.  Over the past years there have been many tragic deaths but I think when I heard about Paul I just didn't want to believe it.  People die, it's just a part of life.  What happened to Paul and the other driver was something that was just not fair.  

     Their car lost control and hit a lamp post and a few trees.  They say the driver died right away and now they believe Paul was still alive and the fire killed him.  I can't even think or talk about how someone could have passed that way.  It doesn't even seem fair, an amazing person and father pass like that.  Being a single Dad I could only sometimes feel what struggles he went through.  His daughter just started living with him too.  Sometimes I just ask why.  I know we never met but the past week I won't lie when I though about what he has done and the stories that were told I had to hold back some tears.  Paul didn't have anyone who didn't like him.  Some said he wasn't the best actor but I know he was and the Mother of his child even was his best friend.  He just loved everyone and lived life to it's fullest.  

     I know there is nothing we can do but pray for Paul's family and tell people to please be safe.  We may never know what happened in the car or what was going on but we just have to pray and hope this doesn't happen again.  I honestly don't know when the hurt will subside.  It will take some time when i think about his movies and his life I still get sad I know it just takes time.  

     I will pray for the family and for Paul.  You truly are a gift and I can't imagine why God would call you home unless he needed a driver...

Although we have never met Paul, I grieve for you and one day will meet....

Always remember,
You are never alone...


God Bless you Paul Vin said it best, God has a new Angle.

The pic below was taken about a half hour before the drive.  They say it was the last ones of Paul.

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