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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sometimes they are just to cute...

     Last night I was rocking Quinn and she said "I love you Daddy" I told her I loved her too.  Then she said she would still love me if I didn't.  I laughed and told her of course I did and that I always would.  She just was so cute, I told her I would always lover her but for her to just say that was love.

     Sometimes Quinn will just be so cute when she says things like that.  The other night she was going into the bathroom to wash her hands and I reminded her the soap was on the left, she said "I know dad, I have eye's".  I laughed and just whispered smart ass.....  As she is growing up the things she says have been so cute.  When I get her ready for bed she always ask for a hug and kiss before bed and I tell her of course!  I know when she gets older she will be more independent but for now she is my little 5 year old.

     Sometimes when she's on the couch she will ask me to come lay with her and she will cuddle into me as we watch TV.  I'm excited about this weekend and whats to come.  I know this blog was short but I just had to share a few stories.  Nothing is cuter when your child says I love you.

     Always remember,
You are never alone...


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