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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Traveling with your child

     This past weekend I took Quinn up north and being our first longer trip there was much planning.  Details to com on the trip it's self.   When it comes to traveling a few tips.

1) Make sure your child is ready, they are feeling well and ready.  This goes for you too.
2) Make sure your car/van/suv or whatever you drive is ready, has gas and can make the trip.
3) One of the most important, make sure they have something to do!  I got Quinn a DVD player and some snacks.  The DVD player was key, it allowed her to watch something she liked and not think about the tirp.
4) Make stops, your child(ern) as well as your self may get hungry or need to make a bathroom break.
5) Most important, drive safely!

     The trip went great and the only thing that happened was we hit some traffic and a couple car crashes that slowed us down.  However if you make your child trip ready the trip it's self will go a lot smoother.  Remember have your child comfortable, give them things to do and have fun!

Always remember,
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