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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

     Well it's been one heck of a year!  I posted more which is good, I did have less videos.  Work has been good the Ex and I have gotten along, for the most part...  I've learned a lot and about being a single dad and even found someone to spend it with.  The family is good and well the world still turned...  Next year I plan like a lot of people to work out more and get in better shape.  I plan to post more and put more videos up as well.  I also plan to take some more time off and visit more friends.  I lost the Jeep and gained a car.  I made some new friends and lost touch with others.  I plan to look over more of my friends blogs and keep in touch more.  I also plan to update the blog to the 3.0!  Some of my post have been shorter than I wanted so I plan to work more on that.

    Over all each year usually gets better than the last and everyone has it's up and downs but since I started in the house 3 years ago I've made much progress and grown a lot.  I've become more independent and leaned to live on my own.  It's been a good year and the next one is just around the bend.

To all my readers and fellow single parents I tell you to hang in there, love your kids and always, always, always remember...

Happy New Year!
Here we are!

Kayla and Quinn

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