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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why does it always snow at night!?!

    Every time I look out my window right before bed, it seems the night is clear and the roads are plowed.  Then I wake up and then there it is!  All the snow the secretly fell while we slept!  You would think the snow fall is the quietest prank mother nature gives us.  One minute your laying down, the next  getting dressed as fast as you can so your not late to work, or stuck in your driveway!  Honestly for years I think most of all the snowfall has come over night.  Yes I know we have had some bad storms during the day but I just feel it's always nigh time it hits.  I wonder because Mother Nature knows were sleeping and makes it easier on the plows to clan while the roads are clear.  Maybe its a sign that we wake up to late and should be up earlier getting ready.  Either way I always feel it won't start snowing till my eye's shut.

    I can't wait to update you on the weekend update but for now, I have some updated news, the new car is running great, however the snow blower is now in the shop!  Not a good time either!  It is running, but the blades that bring the snow in is not turning.  We think its the gear box but we gotta call our guy now.  So I just did it the old fashion way all weekend and got the driveway cleared.  I hope everyone is ready because at least in NY winter is just starting...

I will have some great tips to follow...

In the mean time if you wake up in the middle of the night look out the window, maybe mother nature will know your up and stop snowing!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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