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Monday, December 9, 2013

It's time for the holiday's!

     With the past few weeks of being heart breaking because of the loss of Paul Walker Christmas just didn't sink in.  This weekend however I got some holiday cheer.  The tree is up and running!  The house feeling more festive and just driving around and seeing the lights is helping to bring back the holiday spirit.  I have Quinn this up coming weekend and I am so excited to see what's in store.  As the holiday's approach make sure you get out there and enjoy the season!  Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a friend.  Drive around and enjoy the beautiful lights and the sprit of the holidays.

     Yesterday was my parents anniversary.  It was also Pearl Harbor day, a day that we should never forget.  I noticed the flags were at half mass, and took some time to watch the news about it.  Many men and woman lost their lives that day and it was a tragic day for all America.  With the loss of both Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela this Holiday has been a difficult one to kick off.  Both were amazing people and have done a lot for this world.  I said some extra prayers for both families and still didn't understand why Paul was taken from us.  Nelson Mandela lived a very long and amazing life, it wasn't easy but he did and changed so much for so many people. 

     As I push through the tragic times I try to remember its time for the Holidays and cheer.  Go out and decorate, be in the festive mood and just remember all that was given to us. Make sure you have your house decorated with things that bring the spirit alive.  Come January it's back to just the average grind.  Being my 3rd Christmas in the new home I am excited to say I am trying to get the house ready for Quinn to enjoy.  I can't wait to follow up with pictures and stories!

     With all that is going on in the world, and all we have lost in our lives always remember to keep going, keep living.  Morn who we lost but know they want us to keep living and enjoying life.  I know this time of year can be difficult there were probably other stories that are heartbreaking to hear but we have to remember one's we lost we will meet again.  They are just waiting and watching over us.   Keep the spirit alive...

And always,

Remember you are never alone...


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