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Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's the weekend again!

     Well I don't know about you but I'm ready for the weekend.  The week was long and well hot, for some reason it was about 80.  As the weekend approached Quinn's Mom told me she vountereed for the Hoe down at Quinns school.  Already made plans I told her I need to get and and go.  She said fine but I'd have to picker her up there.  I said fine, when I arrived the place was packed and the line was out the door.  I got in and looked around, a full school.  I had a bad feeling I wasn't going to see Quinn till next year!

    Well some how I found her I knew I couldn't just take her and go because she wouldn't understand and you can't just do that.  So we walked around and since her Mom got ticket's (of course) we had to spend them.  It was fine except the event was big and I had plans.  So we got her something to eat and got her face painted.  I try to remember this event is for the school and kids but being a single Dad who doesn't see their child much gets frustrated.  Quinn hugged me and smeared her face painting and the drama started...  We got it cleaned and a new one on.  Then she played one more game and we left.  I was home before 8.

     I txted her Mom just letting her know that's not right to do, just make plans that go into another persons time.  When I pick her up early or drop her off I have to ask so I just said to please do the same because my plans were lost because of it.  

   With Saturday in full swing I will see how things go and how Quinn acts.  Recently she has been spoiled and getting angry if she doesn't get her way.  I hope it will change... I doubt it thought... Life will teach her though...  It always does...

Weekend Score:
Quinn's Mom: 1
Dad: 0

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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