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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Fall Post!

     I do love this post and time of year!  This is when we get our pumpkins and hang out with spooky movies and hang out late!  Saturday we got up and had some breakfast and then did some math work.  I  am still trying to work with Quinn on her Math and Reading as the weekends progress.  We had some lunch and then headed out to have some fun.

     The day was cold and had rained some in the morning so the pumpkin patches were not as busy.  We got to Powers and started looking around!  We found some we loved and then looked around and saw some of the animals!  Quinn got to pet the sheep and then we headed in to get a Pie and some Apple Cider.  Quinn had fun and we also got to go through the big stalk teepee's!

     When we got home and my parents stopped over to say hello.  We haven't seen them in a while and we all got to catch up and just talk.  We had some dinner and a piece of Pie!  My parents said goodbye and then we put on some spooky kids movies and carved Quinn's pumpkin.  This was our second year doing this and Quinn get's so excited!  We helped her with the hard parts and she did great.  We had our fall snacks and drinks and spooky movies on.  It was in full swing.

     Sunday we spend the relaxing.  We did however get out to get Quinns Halloween Costume! We go every year and pick out what ever she likes.  We went to Party City Quinn looked around and found something!  Sorry, have to wait to find out!  The rest of the day we just relaxed it was really cold out so we stayed warm and just played.  Quinn had her bears downstairs and other toys and we just took it easy.  Later on we did make some cookies!  Spooky Cat ones!  Quinn had so much fun and of course the battery was dead on my camera but i'll get it charged and we will be back in business!

All in all the weekend was good and October is still far from over!  I hope you enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Quinn Petting the Donkey.

Looking at the chickens.

Here is the teepee we went through.

Getting our pumpkins!

Time to carve!

She did such a good job

I will get a finished pic of Quinn's Pumpkin.

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