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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The weekend Update!

     This weekend Kayla's parents came up to visit and spend some time with us.  It was really nice to see them because it has been a few months.  Her Mom and Dad came in Friday and left Sunday afternoon.  Friday we had a late dinner and just caught up, Saturday we got up and got started on the house.  Kayla took her Mom shopping and Kayla's Dad and I picked up some things from Lowe's.  My parents as well as Kayla and her parents help get us a new light for the dining room!  Her father and I put up the light and had a great time doing it.

    Later that night we had my parents over for dinner and the six of us had a nice meal and got to catch up.  Later my Brother, Aunt and friends Paul and Amanda came over to help celebrate my birthday.  We had a nice time, a little bit of cake and great company.  The next day we had breakfast with Kayla's parents and then did a few more things before they left.  We had some small shopping to do and put some more blinds up!  The weekend was very productive and now our dining room looks complete!

     Kayla and I visited Paul and Amanda later Sunday and saw their new house!  It was really cute!  After some final shopping and some dinner the weekend came to a close.  Even though we did work we did get to relax and have fun.  This weekend is Halloween and we can't wait!

     I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Always remember,
You are never alone...

The old light!

Looking good, I put a few switches in my day...

We're making progress!

There it is!!

Here we are just hanging out!

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