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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: They are growing but you must watch intake

    As Quinn get older she is growing more and eating more.  We have to watch her intake or she can gain weight.  Any kid can, going to the gym isn't something kids can do.  Being active is but they only play so long till they are tired.  We as adults have to give them healthy snacks and watch intake.
Quinn put up a fight this weekend because she wanted to eat and eat.  She kept asking when lunch and dinner were hours before they were ready.  We offer her healthy snacks and she does take them but rule of thumb is if a child doesn't want something healthy they probably aren't hungry and just want junk food. 

     Keeping very little in the house we have been doing great with fruits and we took down some idea's on what Quinn said she likes.  Also remember if your child is throwing a fit they maybe tired to and just need to rest.  You can tell by the tone of their voice, you can't hide being tired.  Not in a child...  What you can do is give them a good healthy breakfast and remind them when lunch is.  A nice filling lunch and then a light snack a few hours after.  Keeping them busy also helps, keep their mind off food.  Once it gets closer to dinner time you can let them know you are getting ready to cook. 

    If your child throws a fit just put them in time out or let them take a break.  They need to just relax and realize meals have times and we are only trying to help.  If they ate whatever they wanted when ever they wanted we would have a problem!  When they get older they will have the knowledge to eat right if we start them off now.  The hardest thing sometimes I feel about being a parent is just getting kids on the right path.  Eating, getting your body exercise, showing them to take care of them selves.  Even saving money one day.  Remember a parents job is to get kids ready to be on their own and help our society out.  They can still rely on us, but they need to leave the nest! 

     Not the easiest thing I know because you feel guilty or bad but it is for their good that we watch them figure things out and grow.  For your child throwing a fit about food.  Well try some of the tips and even some of your own.

Hope I works out!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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