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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting starting on getting that fresh air!

     So I posted this weekend how we went outside for the first real long time since winter started.  It has been so cold we just couldn't.  When it starts to warm up get out and start getting some fresh air!  Getting outside now when it starts to get warm will make it easier when it really warms up.  Get your self in gear to taking walks or just letting your kids run around a little in the snow.  Quinn had here gear on and loved it.  The snow wasn't good to make anything however we still had fun getting that fresh air.

     I do hope it now the weather will break and start to stay warmer.  With this being said also check your home for damage!  Look at the roof and gutters.  Check for any ice and with all the ice melting you may want to get a professional to chip off the ice.  However take the time to just stretch your legs and even talk a walk, go skiing or something like this.  Getting out later in the spring maybe harder and if you start early you will be ready for the Spring when it comes! 

     Also staying in to long makes it harder for you and your kids to get out there.  We have been stuck in side for so long that getting out was wonderful!  Quinn had a great time and was excited to get out and play.  Once it warms up it will be easier and I told her we had a lot of parks to go to and try out.  For now however out short time out in the snow was nice. 

     So get out and get some fresh air!!

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