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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sometimes they even suprise you...

    If you are one of my longer readers you know I try to work with my Ex and that it can be difficult for any single parent.  It takes time and you have to give and take.  I have expressed I was upset over time because I needed her health insurance cards incase Quinn got hurt.  At first it was a battle and asked and asked till I finally gave up because she kept saying no.  Over time I started asking again, just nicely and advising that Quinn was older and it was important to have. She did finally say she would get me them.  I was happy we made this progress.  Over time I continued to ask if they were in yet and she was still working on it. 

     In the beginning she expressed it was her insurance and she didn't have to give me them.  She said if anything happens just call her.  I was upset because if anything happened I am going to look like the dumb parent who doesn't have a card!  She told me they would treat her, I said yes but that doesn't help!  As I started dating Kayla we went up north and asked again expressing we do travel now and really should have them.  For years it just was an unsettling feeling to have.  God forbid something happen and I need them.  I didn't want them for any reason but an emergency.   

    Being how I worked for a health insurance company I know it takes a phone call and done.  I just waited and bubble wrapped Quinn. haha no I just asked over time.  So yesterday I picked her up and in the bag on top was the card!  Yea!  I hate to say it but FINALLY!  So now I have it and its in my wallet in case I need it.  I couldn't believe I saw what I saw...  I was happy to see that what ever reason I did get them and over time we have been working together.  We still have bumps but we do our best for Quinn. 

     So now with this down I can't tell you all good it is and how relieved I feel.  To have this important card.  I urge everyone to please share this with your ex if you share a child!  It is so important they have the emergency information if anything happens.  Please put your child first and do what is right.  I know sharing a child can be a struggle even a power one, or one parent doesn't want to miss anything but you have to work together.  Remember the child comes first and if one parent isn't equal or not treating the other one fair the child will pick up on it over time.   As of now I treat this a victory in a way that we are making progress...

Work together please single parents.....

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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