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Monday, March 30, 2015

Review 2: Neti Pot

     This past month I got a cold/sinus infection which brings me to my second review.  I am reviewing what they call the Neti Pot.  A device that helps flush out your sinus area with warm salt water.  Years ago I did hear about this product and have seen it however never getting a full sinus infection I never thought of the need to use one.  Many people do use them when they are not sick just to keep their sinus's clear.  There are also many people and doctors that do say it works.  Doctor Oz is one of them.  A like is there just click his name. 

     The way it works is you purchase one and put clean water in it.  You want to use bottled water or water that has been purified.  This is because water out of your tap has chlorine and remember this water is going though your sinus area.  Pure cleaned water is best.  You then put the salt they include with the package inside and warm the water in the microwave.  Usually a few seconds.  You just want it warm not hot.  Then you put the end of the pot up to one of your nostrils and lean to the other side and forward a little.  What is important is you breath through your mouth and keep breathing. Your body will let the water pass through the cavity area and fill up, then drain out the other end.  I know it sounds gross and weird but it actually does work.  You then tilt back up right and blow your nose.  After you do the other side and continue till the water is out or you feel done.

     The nasal area is very hard to get to and when you get an infection you will fee it and feel horrible.  Anyone that hears you have one will first probably say "ouch, they suck".  Below is a diagram of the sinus area showing you that is its al behind your face and difficult to reach to clean out.  Also this makes a great place for bacteria to linger and grow. 

     So I went to the store and picked one up, it was about 10 dollars and came with 50 packets of solution to put in the water.  I did use it a few times while I was sick and did notice the difference.  The warm water really helped loosen out my sinus cavity and blowing my nose after felt like the pressure was going away.  My sinus's were inflamed so after some time they did get stuffed up but I would use it before bed and in the morning.  I did notice sometimes you would get a little water down your mouth and it is a pain but that is when I would stop and start up again.  It is just salt water so it wont hurt you but can be a pain as your trying to breath.  I used it about three or four times and still did go to the doctor and get medicine however the product was good and did work.  There are a few different variations to the Neti Pot as well.  There are some you sand upright and push a bottle that forces water up and down your Sinus Cavity.  I didn't mind the one you tip your head because it was cheap and did work.  I haven't used it since I have been sick but might next time I feel a cold or stuffy nose.  I will admit it was weird at first, the water would go in and fill up my nasal area then finally run out.  However it did really loosen up the mucus and blowing my nose was easier and I did get a lot out of that area.  Remember you don't have to go to long either a few seconds here and there, take breaks when you need to and make sure you have tissues ready! 

     I would recommend this product and would say it does work.  I would of course say to see a doctor as well because you may need medications and proper treatment for a cold or sinus infection.  They can be quite horrible to go though.  However the Neti Pot does help with pressure and the warm water helps clean out your sinus's.  For the price and the fact it will last a log time and can be used over and over I feel it is a great product.  They say people have been using them for many years and that cleaning out your sinus cavity with water has been around for ages.  I am all for natural ways of healing and feel this helps however like I said before always seek professional help like a doctor if your condition worsens.  There are instructions and age limits, I wouldn't recommend small kids using this yet because they may not get the breathing down right and swallow water then get nervous or panic.  Im sure there are kids that do use it or have tried however at this rate I wouldn't recommend it unless I read more about it.  My daughter hasn't hada  sinus infection (Thank goodness).  However she is 6 right now and I don't think she would get it even if I helped her.  Again make sure you always do your research and speak with a doctor on this or any matter when it comes to health matters.  I am not a Doctor do not quote me!

Here is the one I purchased and I am very happy with it.  I would still do your own research and even talk to other that used it.  You can go online and even see video's.  I didn't supply one sorry.  There are some out there on how to use them.  So for my second review I hope I helped.  I would recommend this to try but use it correctly and read the directions.  For other question please see your doctor or if you have any for me and my experience leave a message or email me!

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I hope this helped.





  1. Love my neti pot - cuts the length of colds and sinus infections significantly :)))

    1. I know aren't they great! Just take some getting used to!