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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Weekend Update

This past weekend with Quinn was great!  Like i said in my Tuesday's Tip we just had a wonderful time and I think by explaining what we needed to do made it easier for her to not fuss.  We had some dinner Friday and just hung in, it was still gloomy out.  Saturday we spend some time getting some things done around town and then saw Aunt Ro.  It was nice because she hasn't seen her in a while.  We just hung out and then went to dinner.  We had a good of burger and fries!

     Quinn is getting to the age where she can really hold her own.  Her conversations, doing things, getting things all of that has been progressing with her age.  We sat and talked and had some ice cream while we laughed and hung out.  The next day we went to church.  Quinn did well she didn't really want to go in the beginning but we got there and she did really well.  Church is so important because we all need good in our lives.  Faith is a good thing and it brings people together no matter the faith.  I know her Mom brings her too which is nice.

     We spend the day hanging out and updating her room!  I do have pics i will upload soon!  Quinn did a great job helping us and just letting us know where she would like things moved to.  She is old enough to point out what she would like for her room.  We had some dinner then headed home.

The weekend went to fast of course and I think she really loves her time here.  Still a single parent has much to over come but the base is there...  Love.

She really is a cute and good kid...

Hug your kids and tell them you love them...

And always remember,
You are never alone...


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