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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Having a fun weekend with control

     Hello all,
I did take some time off because I did get a little sick last week but now I am back! I wanted to post a tip about this past weekend.  I still have to post what we did however it was a great weekend.  This past weekend we had so much fun and we didn't need any timeouts. 

     Parents when the weekend comes there will be sometimes a time out is called however this weekend we had some homework, some things to do and we did everything with out any problems.  How we did it, well we talked to Quinn Friday and laid out what we had to get done this weekend and what fun things we can do.  We explained what homework we needed to do and why it was important.  We looked over the list of what we could do and gave Quinn some options letting her know she had different things she could do.  We did our homework over the course of the weekend and we did it in the morning.  This way we had the day to relax and hang out.  We explained to her in a nice manner that we have some school work we have to get done and that it is important.  Then if we get it done in the morning we can relax the rest of the day.  I try to teach her work then play. 

     Saturday was great and she did all her work after breakfast, then we spend the day just doing what we wanted to and having fun.  We told her that night we were going to Church and we didn't want to argue in the morning.  That morning she did push back a little, however we did go and after had a nice lunch at home.  I told her I know church isn't exactly fun for kids but we need to go because it is good for us on all levels.  Having a faith in something good is good for us physically, mentally and spiritually.  Quinn played with us this weekend and had some independent study.  She has even gotten better at cleaning her room when we ask her.  After explaining how it is important and if we clean it we will get rid of things she usually gets going.  She did get rid of a few toys this past weekend and I am proud she picked them out and didn't have any trouble doing it.

     With parenting it just takes time and explanation.  Letting your kids know what your doing and why.  Giving them reasons and letting them know a schedule.  Sometimes you can surprise them and granted they will ask you what the surprise is over and over so get ready for that.  However as they get older they do get in a pattern of how things are run.  With divorced kids it can be harder.  Quinn moves from one household to another  I know its not easy to have different settings and guidelines so I try not to get upset rather show her the right way if she is not seeing it at the other home... 

     Let your kids know the game plan and express how work and things like religion are important in a weekend.  They will listen and work with you... 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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