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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: How to handle longer times away from your kids

     So the last weekend I was schedule to have my daughter I had an out of town wedding I needed to go to so the past three wekends I have not seen her.  I have seen her however on our Wednesdays.  For many parents this can be very difficult to go so long.  I did ask before this trip to work more time in but she declined it sucks but i have some tips for you all!

     First keep your mind busy, take the time to find things to do and just keep busy.  The weeding we went to did a good job at that.

     Call your child, call them on your off days.  Every parent should have the right to reach out with a phone call to just say hi!  We called Quinn last week and just talkd to her we asked how she was doing and just how her weekend went.

     On the days you have your child in between long spirts make them fun!  Let your child know you are going a little while for a certian reason but it will be back on track!  Have a fun nigh with them, do something special or stay up a little bit later with them.

     When you get back on track have a fun weekend planned!  Get ready to just blow them outta the water!  Have an event planned to make up for some lost time and show them how excited you are to see them again!

     Last, act like its okay, don't let them know you may have missed them to much or show them you broke down if you did.  Be strong for them and explain that you have a fun filled weekend and that the time is now back on track! 

     When I first lived alone it was so hard.  The nights just dragged on and in the beginning I didn't know what to do.  Over time you will work on that and realize you will make due with you're time off and as your child get's older they will love the time with you. Make sure always you just spend the time you have with them!  Enjoy it, have them see family or friends yes, but do things with just you and show them you are trying, are there and are doing your best.  The rest will fall in place...

I hope these tips helped, I know going without seeing your kids for a while can be very diffictul but be strong and use the tips!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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