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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting them to pick up as they are older.

     Over the past several years I have posted on how to get your kids to pick up in different stages of their lives.  Going from showing and helping them to explaing they can't move on to something else unless it's done.  Truth is kids will always have a few things on their floor just how they are.  However as Quinn gets older we have new ways to help and I want to share them!

1)  As your child gets older organize their room or play room so everything has a place. 

2)  Put everything away and explain this is how you want it to look when they are done playing.

3)  Make sure they have the correct storage for their toys.  Buy different tools or boxes to make putting their toys away easier.

4) Give them advanced notice.  If you need them picked up by dinner, let them know 10 or 15 minutes ahead so they can start.

5)  If they are not listning then just tell them if they don't pick up, you will.  Then adivse if you pick up they will loose toys!  I do this and it gets Quinn moving.

6)  Explain if they pick up they won't lose their toys, or tip over them!  Let them know picking up is important.

  We have Quinns area's organzied and there are places and boxes for her different toys she uses.  Sometiems we will get her and he room is trashed and she tries to just push things in one spot like that will fly!  We tell her to use her boxes, and other compartements to make sure her room is clean.  She is happy once it is set because she knows where her things are and then it gets her starting to do this more and more.  We also trust her and often ask her to clean her room then leave so she doesnt feel she is being watched. 

     Try some different things out on your kids!  Quinn will be 7 this fall if your child is younger or older there are different tips of course, always feel free to share too!

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