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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Garth Brooks Concert!

                So around Christmas time Kayla and I got a few concerts lined up as part of our presents!  She got us tickets to see Matt Kearney and the Script play and I got us Garth Brooks Tickets.  We were so excited Garth was back on tour from retirement and he was coming to Buffalo!  They were selling tickets at a pretty good rate too.  So we sat down and found some seats that were ok.  I just wanted to at least say we were there and got to enjoy the experience.  We took off work early and headed to Buffalo the weekend the concert came. 

                Friday we just checked in our room and settled in before dinner.  Since I have been to Buffalo a lot to visit friends I wanted to show Kayla around.  We went to the Anchor Bar, a place known for food and Buffalo wings!  We had a nice lunch and tried some wings just talking and enjoying the day.  We were there for the concert Thursday which was opening night and I was nervous after traveling if Garth would have a good opening show.  Well keep reading…  So after lunch we just went back and got ready for the big show!  We headed downtown and got a parking spot and followed the big crowd in.  There was such a big crowd the city was just booming with people.   We got our tickets out and checked in and headed up to our seats.  We were pretty high up and behind the stage.  So looking down you saw the back left of the sage but you saw it all.  We took some pictures and sat and waited.

                All of a sudden a guy comes down our row and kneels down.  He starts talking to us and asks how our seats are.  I told him ok, he ask us if we would like to be down there, and pointed to the stage!  I laughed a little and said “before you start we need a new roof and can’t afford to buy your tickets”   He said he didn’t ask that he just asked if we would like to sit closer.  I looked puzzled but said “well yea!”.  He then pulls out two tickets and says he works for Garth Brooks and that Garth wants to take care of his fans so here are two front row tickets!  I couldn’t believe it, I was in shock I think.  We thanked him and shook his hand, I wanted to hug him lol.  We then headed down still in shock.  We walked to the floor where there was another section of security and they checked our tickets.

                They let us in and directed us to a table where we got our wrist bands and continued to walk in!  We had an usher help us and he smiled and said these are fee bee’s I take it.  We said yes.  He directed us to another usher!  This one was walking us closer and said “have fun, just don’t get on stage!”  I said what? Why would I do that?  Well he directed us to our seats.  Very front row!!!  Almost in the middle to.  We were in more shock, everyone around us was talking about how they were given tickets too.  We sat down and just got ready for the show.   Talking and taking pictures we were so excited this happened.  He had one girl come out before him and sing and she did a great job.  Then they got set for him to come on.  When he came out the crowd went nuts and all got up and went to the stage!  It was nice because only the front row was allowed to go up to the actual stage so that was cool.  He just started singing and the show was off with a blast!  He would come up to the front of the stage and we would touch is leg or boot or something.  I know it sounds silly but how close to you ever get to someone like that so yea you gotta tap their leg right?  Kayla and I still couldn’t believe all this was all happening!  When he started singing Ain’t going down till the sun comes up the crowd wen nuts.  He put down his guitar and then picked up some water bottles and drank sprayed the crowd with water then walked down from one side of the edge to ours.  Kayla laughs when I tell this part but.  I put both my hands up for who knows why and he just happen to stop and grab them both.  I couldn’t believe it so there I was both hands up not knowing what to do I didn’t want to over stay my welcome so I started to pull back and he wouldn’t let go! Haha so I just went with it.  He eventually moved on but it was pretty freakin cool I will have to admit.  Growing up just always listening to his music and dreaming of going to see him perform there I was front stage hold his hands haha.  Well the show continued on and he stopped and talked to the crowd got us pumped up and then his wife came out and they did a few songs and she sang on her own to give him a break which was cool.  So we got to see Trisha Yearwood also.  When Garth came back he was just having fun you could tell.  All over the place singing to all sides of the stage his band came up front a lot they really just were amazing to the front row people.  You are sitting there watching and you just can’t believe it.  He did all his old classic songs and a few new ones.  When he sang The Dance the show stood still.  Everyone was quiet and it was just something else to hear.  He eventually said goodnight and left, then came back and sang again, he did this a few times till finally he did part.

                We could tell he just had a blast.  After the show ended we just got our stuff and walked out slowly with the crowd.  We laughed and still couldn’t believe that just happened we tell our selves we may not win the lotto or anything but God takes care of us in other way!  The next day we got up and had some breakfast and headed home, it was Friday so we had the whole weekend ahead of us.  As time passed we told our story to all our friends and showed them pictures.  I thought after how cool to just film one or two slow songs and put them up, but I guess this was our concert and enjoying it was just enough for us.  Good thing Kayla took good pictures somehow I lost mine and some small videos I took.  So now I will finish a thank you card and mail it to him thanking him for what he did and how he does take care of his fans.  I hope everyone has a fun concert memory they have had.  I really wanted to see about 3 or 4 concerts and one of my favorite bands I have seen years ago so checking off Garth Brooks was big! 

I hope everyone enjoys the pics!
Here we are front row!!

Garth arrives!

The band had so much fun, they just put on this amazing job.

Thank you Garth again!

What an amazing concert...

Always Remember,

You are Never alone…




  1. Sounds like you had a GREAT time! What a nice person! The pictures are great and you two look so good together!

    1. Thank you!, Yes it was amazing I can't describe how that night was.