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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The weekend update!

     This weekend came and went but what a great one it was!  We haven't seen Quinn in a few weekends due to some events and moving around some schedules.  I picked her up Friday and we and my parents headed to dinner.  They haven't seen her in a while so it was nice to catch up!  We all headed down to a diner and had some dinner and just talked, caught up and had fun.  After we all went out for ice cream!

     Saturday Quinn, Kayla and Becky went dress shopping for Quinn!   They picked out a nice dress for her for the wedding.  Quinn is so excited and loves the dress they got her.  My little girl growing up...  After Kay, Quinn and I headed down the the bay by us and went canoeing.  We went years ago and Quinn just loved it.  So I try to make it something we do more often or at least one a year.  We all got in and just went around the area looking at all the beautiful wildlife and just taking some pictures.  We even went under the bridge and headed into the bay a bit.

     We were out for about an hour but i have to tell you Quinn just loves this event.  Next time maybe we will get kayaks.  However we did have so much fun all of us in one boat!  We passed all different animals and beautiful plants and flowers.  It simply is just amazing how peaceful the area is and untouched by man.

     Sunday we caught up on some rest and then went out to a playground.  We had to take advantage of the nice weather we had!  Quinn got some great exercise and I some great picts.  After we did some shopping and headed home.  We rest up a bit, had dinner then were off to bring her back to Mom's.  The weekend was so much fun and of course so short, but we made the best of it and because we moved some other weekends around we have Quinn again next weekend!

     I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and now that summer is in full swing enjoy the long days and warm nights!  I hope you all like the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we go!!

The beautiful lilly's

Just amazing how peaceful it is...

There is a house there, once owned by friends now the State.  How awesome it would be to live there!

Some ducks!

Here is a crane!

Out on the bay!

Under the bridge!

Sunday we were at the playground.

My beautiful Fiancee' she's so cute...

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