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Friday, July 31, 2015

Review 6: My Publisher


  So last week Kayla and I exchanged wedding presents and I ended up making her a photo book!  Not like a typical one where you stamp or paste pictures.  This one was done with mypublisher.  This side is like others on the web but I am reviewing it because I have used it before and always had a great time putting together my project.  The company is wonderful and get's you your product fast and it just comes out so nice.

    All you do is go to their website and register, then download the software to you computer which allows you to work on the project right from your computer and not even have to be connected to the internet!  Once done you can just upload pictures and start working on your project.  My Publisher offers many products to choose from and they offer many bells and whistles to make your project even more enjoyable!  So once you go on the site and download the tools you just make sure your computer has all the pictures you need.  I had to go to my phone, Kay’s phone, my external hard drive and other friends and family but once set I just had to start working the project! 

     You can then figure out what kind of book you want, there are some starter options then you can just go right into adding your pics to the book!  It is so easy, you just select the picture count, from there you can have titles or words, there are also pages that have special backgrounds like weddings, travel, family, ect.  Once you start putting your book together you can save it and go back later or keep going and finish!  As my book came together I was so excited because it was a story of us.  I had pictures of when we met, our families, friends some of our adventures and concerts.  It then talked about getting married, I made sure the cover had a nice picture of us and it says VOL 1, letting her know we will do many more! 

     Getting the pictures set and what ones in wanted to use took time but it was all worth it.  The book came out so nice and she absolutely loved it!  I think she is more excited about starting our next one too!

            One of my favorite features is just how easy it is.  You can work on it without the internet, so if you are adding pictures from your laptop you can do it anywhere.  You just need the internet to then upload the book and send it out.  Once the book is set it will go over any errors like if a picture is not set correctly or if words are to long for the box they are in. It’s very cool, like a spell check!  Then you can go and see all the offers, they have for some extra cost.  You can have better paper, a higher gloss, covers, all different things you might want to add on.  The book its self was not expensive to make and I paid for faster shipping because it was getting close to the wedding.  After I submitted it the book came within a few days!  I was so happy with it and couldn’t believe how fast it came!!!

            Again the site is very user friendly, and making the books are fun and easy.  They do have a help section however one thing to say to the company would be a better walk through, or have a question mark by the sections.  Learning how to make the book wasn’t bad but I did get stuck and could have used some help.  Something else that is nice is when you log in you can see all your projects, they save so you can always get another one, or if a book gets damaged you can just buy another one, it’s not lost!  After you can also share the book with friends via email or just show them the hard cover!  In the end I am so glad to be with someone who I can’t wait to make many more books with and will use the My Publisher site to complete them on!  Below are some pictures of my book!


The book came our amazing!

A few inserts to show you all.

It was fun and easy to put together.

My Publisher, great company.  

I hope this review helped!  For more reviews visit my reviews link at the top of my blog!

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