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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Very Special Weekend...

     This weekend was extra special because we had Quinn again!  Here Mom and I switched weekends so she could have Quinn my weekend.  We worked it out over the summer and I switched weekends.  So the new two weekends she has her but this was two in row for us!  Friday we picked her up and just got some dinner.  We relaxed and settled in because it was hot out.  Saturday Kayla had to work in the morning so it was just the munch and I for bit!  We had fun, I made us breakfast and then we went to the bank and as we were leaving she said we haven't done much just us so I smiled and we went and got Ice Cream...  She goes Ice Cream before lunch!? I said sureee its summer...  We got a small one and we walked by the water.  It was nice just chilling but it was getting hot!

     Kayla came home and we ended up doing some lawn work, we have been fighting the weeds because its been so wet this summer!  That night we went out for dinner with Aunt Ro, it was fun and she hasn't seen Quinn since Pauls wedding.  After we just relaxed a bit at our house before we called it a night and headed in...  Sunday we went to a coworkers house that Kayla knows.  They lived up on one of the lakes by us, it was beautiful.  They had some friends over and all of us just hung out and had lunch.  We all just had so much fun and Quinn and their daughter played.  The day was still hot but we made it work, it didn't hurt they had A/C haha...

    In the end the weekend was great and I will get pics up I just have to load them.  For having two weekends in a row with Quinn was awesome!  So I say to my single parents if you have your kids two weekends in a row take advantage of it!  Plan things, go out, and just enjoy the extra time with them!  Treat it as a gift b/c it is one...  With the next two weeks being so close to the wedding we are busy just getting things set and wrapped up....

I will keep you all posted!!!

I hope everyone stayed cool and had a great weekend!!


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  1. I remember two little boys who got ice cream for breakfast with whipped topping. Doing fun things make memories.. Do not follow the straight road take the side roads now and then. aunt Ro