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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Mid Week Break, A tooth for some cash!

     Today was a special day!  Quinn lost another tooth!  The past couple weeks some of her teeth have been moving and she even lost her first one not to long ago!  When I picked her up today she told me she lost one and she was so excited!  We got home and had some dinner and a little TV time.  Stayed inside because how hot it has been and then we headed off to bed!

     Quinn put her tooth in her treasure chest she has and put it on her night stand.  We put her to bed and will sneak up later to give her a little reward and take her tooth.  I think its cute and a great way to just show kids loosing teeth and even getting a little money.  I can remember I got like 50 cents or so per tooth now I guess now there has been inflation and what not so we are giving her a couple bucks to buy something.

     I can remember still as a child getting my tooth ready, putting it under my pillow and just waiting for the morning!  How fun it was to just wake up with my tooth gone and seeing a few quarters.  Running down to my parents room saying how my tooth was gone and that there was some money there!  I can also remember being nervous about pulling the teeth that were just loose and almost gone but not yet.  Ahh the joy of loosing our baby teeth!  I hope every parent has the joy of collecting their baby teeth to give to your kids one day.

     So below is our very own Quinn putting her tooth down to be picked up later tonight!!!  How fast they grow...

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  1. I remember when I lost my teeth as a kid! :) I got about... a buck! Inflation sure has changed everything!!! Congrats to Quinn!

    1. Thank you so much for the nice comment! I know right? How much will teeth go up in the future!
      I may need more jobs!