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Monday, April 25, 2016

Having a weekend of Rest

     For all my single or non single parenting friends I wanted to just remind everyone how important it is to have a restful weekend.  This past weekend we didn't have Quinn nor any big plans so we just played things by ear.  Kayla and I had dinner with my parents and brother Friday night and then on Saturday got up and did some small things.  We did sleep in and much needed it was.  We got up and went to the gym got a great morning started by getting the blood moving!  After we went home had some lunch and cleaned up  I took her to the planetarium as a surprise date.  She loved it so much and we saw a half hour show about the night sky.  Such a great thing to do and if you have one in your area check a showing out.  We sat and looked at the stars as the show continued and after looked around the displays.  Space and all its stars are just so amazing with so much around and such a big mystery.  You can't believe all the beauty and wonder it has to offer.

     That night we went to dinner and treated our selves to a steak and seafood place by our house.  We go a few times a year and every time just love our meal.  We have the chef come out ever time to just thank her for her cooking.  She now knows us per meeting her a few times lol but she really cooks an amazing steak.  Kayla says they have the best french onion soup too, very good with lots of cheese and thick cut bread inside, if you are going to have a cheat night go big right?  Well I don't count steak a big cheat meal per there are many benefits to eating it after a hard work out.  We enjoyed our meal and just talked as the weekend continued.  We had a drink and as our meal finished we got ready to leave.  We had some friends over that night and just had a fun game night and relaxed.

     Sunday we got up but then fell back a sleep, for a while.  I can't tell you the last time we slept so late into the morning.  I always feel partly bad per the day is going  and you can't feel a bit guilty for letting it slip by but sleep is just so important and working so much as we do, we just need it.  The rest we felt was awesome however sometimes you can get to tired per all the sleep you get.  The rest of the day we just relaxed an made a nice meal Sunday night.

    For all my parents out there I posted this weekend to remind you all that rest is important and make sure you are getting a day or weekend of it.  Have your kids go with the grandparents, or if you share your kids with your Ex, take a weekend you don't have them to relax.  Don't worry or get upset because you don't see them but rest up and enjoy the time to do other things.  You can't change what is but you can enjoy the time you don't have with your kids by living you life.  Kayla and I spend our time just being a couple and just relaxing.

     Take your weekends to rest up because when Monday comes, its back to the grind...

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

At the planetarium! 

An amazing dinner to end a great date day!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


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