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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Simple words make all the difference.

   I cam across this post from G+ by Joel V it has moved around and others passed it along.  When i found this I knew I wanted to make it a Tip.  So often we don't have anything we can think of to say to our kids besides maybe "good job" or "I'm Proud of you" so when I came across this post I knew it would be good to share.  The simple phrases below you have all probably said or heard but if you didn't then start!  Such simple things like the words below can bring your child's spirit up.  

     Most kids just want to hear their parents say nice things to them over getting a physical gift or toy.  Getting a toy is nice but when a parent tells their child they are proud of them or that they are loved or listened to this will show the child so much more.  It will raise them up and they will understand how important they are.  Toys or things come and go but the love of a parent will not.  When you look below and use the following phrases however make sure you look at them and say the words so they hear and see you.  Don't say them fast so they feel you are just saying them.  Put feeling into them and show them you care.

     So below I have 66 tips today!  Check this list out and use new ones daily.  I think if you look over this list and use the following phrases your child will be very grateful and feel more confident.  I am excited to see things maybe I didn't think to use maybe I thought my daughter wouldn't care if I said that.  They will however!  So look over this list and see what you can say to your child to make them smile, best part is words are free and will last forever...

I hope the following below helps.  Feel free to add any in the comment section.

Always Remember,
You are never alone.


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