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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review 14: The Veggetti

  The Veggetti is a great tool that makes eating your vegetables fun!  Like other slicers that are out there this one allows you to cut different vegetables or other foods into fun things like chips, pasta or slice them thin.  The tool is very easy to use and clean which makes it a great item to have in every house hold.

     How it works is simple, you put whatever food you are cutting on the right by the handle and the other end by the blade.  Once set just spin and the handle and the food will go through the cutter and make whatever style you wanted!  Have a bowl ready to catch the outcome and then cook however you want.  This item is really cool because how easy it is and how fun it makes some foods.  Cutting different vegetables into things like a pasta make eating them easy and fun.  It also comes with a recipe book.
     I think when it comes to eating your vegetables people just need to cook or prepare them in a fun way to make them easier.  If you just put them on your plate yes it can be intimidating but this machine makes eating your veggies fun and easier.  As far as the machine goes, so far so good.  Kayla used it a few times and things it works wonderful, she said it is very easy to use and change blades.  After the clean up was fast and simple.  The machine is also small enough to put away and safe space in your kitchen.  We have yet to have Quinn test the veggies it makes but we will soon.

Below are some great pictures for you to view.

Here it is.

As you can see, very simple to use.

     As far as this goes I think this product is a great tool to have in your kitchen.  Vegetables are very important part of everyones diet so if this machine can make them easier and fun to eat get one!  So far we are very excited and can't wait to try this out more with new dishes.  You might be able to get this at your local food store if not however I'm sure you can online.  The cost for us was about $25 dollars which will pay for it's self because you can spend much more on pre done packages ones the store will sell.  However if you love to cook I would recommend this.  


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