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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Getting Ready for Spring-Final Steps

     So now that spring is pretty much here (knock on wood) I have a few great steps for everyone to get ready.  With Spring here there are things we need to do to get ready so when summer arrives were not scrambling for last minute things!  Every season we have to do some things, some small some larger to get us and our homes ready for the seasons to come.  So as the new warm season arrives here are a list of tips that might help you get ready faster!

1)  Most important wait till Spring really is here!  Sometimes it does show up but doesn't fully stay.  So make sure its late April or ever early May before you start doing larger changes.

2)  Get your snowblower put a way.  If you one, run it till the gas is gone and just place it away till the fall time comes.  Taking the gas out will allow you to put new fresh gas in and it won't get stale.

3)  Start doing more in depth cleaning.  Clean your windows and start to clean the outside of your house.  Take your house and reconnect it.

4)  Start getting things like bags and tools ready like rakes and things for the outside.  Also get your warm cloths put away and get the summer gear out!

5)  Get outside and start raking and cleaning your flower beds.  Earlier the better so when summer comes around you don't have to.

6)  Open your windows and let your screens down.  Get some air inside your home and start to get that colder winter air out!

7)  Wash your cars.  Take your cars and get them cleaned off or wash them your self.  Get the left over salt off and dirt.  Get them ready for summer!

8)  Start a plan about what you want to plant or how you want to arrange your flower beds!

9)  Get a plan for you and your kids to!  Get outside and start going for walks, to the park.  Time to get some sun!

10)  Look into turning your furnace off, however just wait till you are sure you won't need it!  Don't turn your furnace off then realize the temp will drop next week.

     I hope the following last tips helped for getting for spring.  The final touches are really important because with Spring here it will get harder to do those touch ups.  You will find your self wanting to get outside and not get the things you need done.  So be sure you get ready for each season correctly!

If you have any other tips for getting ready let me know.

Always remember,
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