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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Never Count Winter Out!


So here we are, April!  I looked out the window the other day and there it was, snow and ice.  The winter cold beating down on us again.  So for my tip today I want to say do not count winter out!  If you live in the N. East part of the states I would say never trust spring until May?  So here are some tips that might help you fight off that final winter push!

1)  Do not get rid of anything for winter until Spring really arrives say late April or May.  This means your cloths and snow brushes!

2)  Don't put your snowblower away or get your lawn mower out yet.  Sometimes we will get a lot of snowfall and putting that snowblower away because we have a nice day is a big mistake!  Like I stated wait till late spring to be safe.

3)  If you have warmer weather you can start to look around outside for things you need to do.  Parts of the house to fix up.  Make a list but don't take out the paint yet!

4)  Rake and get some yard work done!  If you have a nice day early spring clean up and rake your flower beds.  If you get another snowfall at least you cleaned on a nice day early!

5)  To keep moral up have another movie day!  If you get another cold weekend in the spring make one more movie day!  Take the day to relax and just stay warm.  If you get enough snow you can play outside in the snow one more time to.  However before the big thaw one more day in to relax and spend the day on the couch with your spouse and kids is perfectly fine!

     Some other big tips include not turning off your furnace yet and keeping your storm windows down until Spring finally says it is here for good!  April is tricky because you can get one or two more snow storms so you have to be careful.  A warm day here or there can throw you off so just to be safe wait until late April or even May.  We have had snow in May before so like I said, don't let your guard down!  I hope everyone is ready for the warmer season to come.  I know we are!

Any other tips let me know!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


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