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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Taking advantage of that Rest Day

    So yesterday I posted about how Kayla and I had a restful weekend, we didn't have Quinn this weekend and today I want to go into this more.  When I first started out after the divorce and moving out the weekends without Quinn were tougher than I imagined.  I spend hours and days just wondering what was happening, if I was missing anything.  It was hard, for any new parents that are alone or only see your children so often this post will help...

     As time went on I realized I have to keep busy, many family members and friends would invite me out and I would take advantage of this by  spending time with loved ones.  I would clean or do things around the house to keep busy as well and just overall try not to think about if i was missing Quinn.  I would but you need to keep busy.  Sitting still will just make it worse.  As time went on I learned more and more how to adapt and make my time without Quinn about me.  After Kayla entered the picture I was doing much better.  More settled and just wanting to give love one more try I guess.  Looks like she gave me that one reason to :).  So this past weekend we did miss Quinn of course however spending the weekend and just doing whatever we wanted was nice.  Instead of sitting around thinking of what we can't change we went out.  Enjoyed the day and each other!  We hoped Quinn was having a great weekend and we knew we would see her this week soon.

  That is the best thing you can do, just hope your child is getting the best no matter where she is.  Your home or not.  So below are some things for YOU to do!  I often give tips on kids and things to do but parents need it to!

1)  It is hard and ok in the beginning to be  sad about missing your child.  Take some time to let it out but soon find things to do!

2)  Reach out to family and friends.  Being with them and laughing or sharing a meal or a drink will strengthen your feelings of being loved.  

3)  Make a game plan, when you know you don't have your child, fill that slot with things to do.  If its work or fixing the car or house.  Anything use the time wisely!

4)  Take a day to rest!  You can also burn your time by just having a movie day!  Take a day to watch TV or play some games something you want!  You can't bother your Ex while it is their time with your child so let them have fun and yo do the same!

5)  If you start dating, make date days/nights.  Spend time with your new loved one and show them you care about them!  It can be hard being a single parent to date again, spreading love around and showing affection again.  However when you do enjoy the time you have.

6)  As your child gets older adjust what you do, they may also want to spend more time with you so be ready for that as well.

     The most important thing is to get over not being still crazy.  It stinks I know but you have to keep busy.  However if you start to plan things out and with the help of time you will do just fine.  Remember your state of mind is very important as well.  Your family needs you to be healthy and on point so keep busy so you don't find your self upset.

I hope the pointers helped, short and to the point...

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


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